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with Special Guest Vandelyn Kross

Saturday, July 16th, 2011
Kearney Amphitheater
Sponsored by Clay County Savings Bank
Price: $25.00
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Skid Row

In 1987 SKID ROW was born in a garage somewhere in Toms River, N.J. Like a child of a thousand maniacs, they relentlessly pounded the New Jersey club circuit; packing houses wherever they performed.

Fast forward to 1989. SKID ROW's debut album goes on to sell over 5 million copies in the U.S.A., along with a tour that takes them around the world.

1992 the band releases their second record "SLAVE TO THE GRIND" which debuts at #1 on the Billboard charts, making them the first Heavy Metal/Hard rock band to do so. "Slave" rockets to multi-platinum status. This is also followed by a massive world tour.

In 1995 band relationships severely strain, but they reluctantly go into the studio to record what was thought to be their final release "SUBHUMAN RACE". Soon after, the band parted ways.

That was until late 1999 when founding members Rachel Bolan, Scotti Hill, and Snake Sabo decided that SKID ROW meant far to much to them let the music fade into rock obscurity. There were changes to be made - the question was "who". Enter Texan singer Johnny Solinger. Suggested through a mutual friend the band visited Johnny's website and were immediately interested in what they heard. A few e-mails later and the singer was on a plane to N.J.

"He had a quiet confidence about him when he walked through the front door" says guitarist Snake. Rachel adds "We knew he was the guy half way through the first song of his audition. Johnny fit the bill to a "T". Great voice, great attitude and was clear on what the band was about". If they thought things couldn't get better, they did. In 2000 SKID ROW landed the coveted opening slot on the KISS "Farewell Tour". The tour of tours. It brought SKID ROW's music back to the hungry masses. Since then the band has logged a few hundred thousand bus miles and some hundreds of shows during which the band was busy writing new songs for their CD "Thickskin" that was released in 2003. That album put SKID ROW's past in perspective and future in place. In 2006 SKID ROW put the final touches on their CD "Revolutions Per Minute" and released it on SPV Records. This reunited Skid Row with producer and long time friend Michael Wagener who produced their first two records. The band is playing and touring all over the world in 2011...

Check out Skid Row's music and tour schedule at

Vandelyn Kross

Check out Vandelyn Kross's music and tour schedule at

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