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Kids Fest
Mr. Stinky Feet

*Hosted by KCB Bank, UPS Store and Kindermusik
Saturday, May 16th, 2009
Kearney Amphitheater

Meet Mr. Stinky Feet

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Winter 2006

Award-winning kid-rocker Jim Cosgrove knows what kids like to laugh about and singabout. And he's taken that knowledge along with his guitar and a box full of instruments around the country and the world, singing for kids of all ages.

Cosgrove is a Kansas City-based singer/composer known among the elementary set as "Mr. Stinky Feet,"due to the popularity of his CD Stinky Feet. His music has earned three national Parents'Choice Awards and a National Parenting Publications Award, and he recently signed a recording contract with Warner Brothers/Jack Kids Records.

"My songs are about the important things in a child's life -laughing, dancing, singing and having fun," says Cosgrove. "And I believe that the kids arethe stars of the show, not me."

The former newspaper journalist and PR professional has become ahero to some for his courage to leave the security of a traditional career to follow his passion and discover his true purpose in life.

"I used to wear a suit and tie in my former corporate life,"says Cosgrove, who now is usually dressed for a beach party. "I finally had the sense enough to get a 'real'job singing songs with kids and helping them laugh."

His laid-back style and ability to immediately connect with children has made him a cool favorite on the concert tour circuit, especially with parents, many of whom have dubbed him the "Jimmy Buffettfor kids."

Cosgrove has even captured the attention of the White House with his positive messages about the importance of family, friendship, and fun. He has been a featured performer there, and is set to return for the 2006 annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

Cosgrove's family plays a crucial roll in the mission of his company, Hiccup Productions, Inc. His wife and road manager, Jeni, has committedherself to carrying out their dream by helping spread Jim's message. Their daughter Lyda (16 months) travels to most of his 300-350 annual performances. And his brother Dan is the company's business manager and CFO.

"Our formula for success is 'Fun and Substance.'When you combine things that are silly and even slightly gross with lessons about life, kids will learn and retain the lessons,"said Cosgrove. "Kids are smart. And I like to sing smart songs about things theythink are funny."

Although he continues to garner great reviews and rack up awards, Cosgrove feels his greatest reward is seeing his young fans find their own personalrhythm while singing, dancing, and playing instruments.

"My songs are about having fun. And I think sometimes we forget that kids need to be kids,"Cosgrove said. "People often ask me if my music has some deep message. My message is really very simple -have fun and be a kid."

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