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With Special Guest: Noe Palma

7:00pm Saturday, August 13th, 2016
Kearney Amphitheater

Sponsored by Mosaic Life Care and La Fuente Mexican Restaurant
Price: $35.00 at the Gate


Current Single: "I Love This Life"
Top 30 and Rising On Country Billboard Chart!

According to many music industry insiders, 2015 is shaping up to be the year for....LOCASH. As the LoCash Cowboys, the duo has enjoyed hits with songs such as "Keep In Mind" and "The Best Seat In The House," and have written such hits as the chart-topping "You Gonna Fly" for Keith Urban and "Truck Yeah" for Tim McGraw. They have built their brand through live performances, as well - with appearances on some of the most prestigious stages in the world, and have shared stages with acts ranging from Tim McGraw to Kiss. Their music has received over ten million view on YouTube, and they are known as one of the hardest working acts in the music business today.

But, the best is yet to come for the duo of Chris Lucas and Preston Brust - now simply known as LOCASH. Recently signing with Reviver Records, the duo is joining forces with some of the biggest names on the Country Music business landscape. Brust says they could feel the team's energy from the first meeting. "We haven't felt an energy like this since the day we began our journey. This feels like it has all come together -the right label head, the right promo team, it finally feels like we've got all of our ducks in a row for the first time in our lives. We've been out there doing the grass roots thing for so long, and to feel it all come together, is so encouraging."

"They say it takes ten years, and we've been out there doing it," said the duo's Chris Lucas. "It feels like it's our year. This is where the stars have aligned. I feel like even though Preston and I are work horses - we go out and do in excess of a 150 shows a year, I think we can now focus more on our music, and the sound that we've always wanted to put out. We've usually been the ones calling radio. We can sit back and trust who we have on our team and in our corner to do their job, and allow us to focus on songwriting and performing."

Among the duo's supporters include Kicker Audio, which hassponsored their "Livin' Loud" tour, Dean Guitars, Under Armour clothing, Mossy Oak, Bowtech, Comcast, and Bud Light. They have also lent their considerable talents to The Outdoor Channel's All Star Cast. Chris and Preston also believe in giving back to their community, by participating in such charities as D.A.R.E., St. Jude's Children's Hospital, and the T.J. Martell Foundation.

The LOCASH story so far has been quite exciting. When looking back at their career path so far, Brust said "We performed in Times Square on New Years' Eve. That's one of those coveted live performance slots that a lot of people never get to do - even as an icon. So, that was an energy that we had never felt before, watching the ball drop. I think having Keith Urban recording ‘You Gonna Fly,' and giving us our first number one song really changed it all, and Tim McGraw doing ‘Truck Yeah" a few months later was huge for us as songwriters. That was his comeback single on Big Machine, and to be a part of that was a great moment for us. Playing the Grand Ole Opry was a big moment, and that's where we got the idea for "The Best Seat In The House,' so one thing kind of led itself to the other on that. It all becomes one big journey and one big memory that we are as excited about now as when we started out at the Wildhorse Saloon," a reference to where the guys first united their musical talents together over a decade ago in the club's DJ booth.

But, with dynamic new music slated for the first quarter of 2015, the memories will be getting even more plentiful for LOCASH. "I know we can make this new record deal very successful," says Lucas. We've done our due diligence. We've threw kindling all over the place, and it's time to light it. We've got a lot of great fans and people who believe in us. I don't think you can be in a better position than what we are right now. I honestly think that 2015 will be the year that the public will hear great new music from Preston and me on the radio. We have studied with the best, and "For The First Time Ever," we are confident that our songs and live performances are at the top of their game, so get ready to experience Livin' Loud with LOCASH.

Noe Palma

It sure doesn't hurt having a name like Noe Palma. That's why his debut is titled "Get My Name Right." It is very different, unique, and memorable. That's exactly what fans have been saying about Noe's music for the past 15 years!

Growing up the Kansas City Metro Area, Noe started singing when he first heard Elvis Presley sing "All Shook Up." Raised in a very musically passionate family, he was engulfed by different rhythms and sounds. Both his parents were talented singers and his father played guitar. Like many of his friends he was a member of his high school choir, but quickly realized that type of music didn't fit into his country soul.

At the beginning of his career Noe tested the waters with a few bands. He founded a very successful band called The Broken Cowboys and served as their lead singer. They toured Missouri and all surrounding states and played every major venue in the region where they developed a very healthy cult following. In fact in 2001 Broken Cowboys took second place at the Colgate Country Music Showdown Midwest Finals. They were quickly noticed by Tim McGraw's manager Scott Siman of RPM Management.

Noe has an unparalleled stage show. "I love it when I hear that my show was just as good or better than the headliner! It puts a smile on my face from ear to ear!"

Working with song writers such as Patrick Jason Matthews, Dallas Davidson, Ashley Gorley, and Bobby Pinson. Noe has created a great mix of Country and Southern Rock for his debut album. Guaranteed to leave you with your jaw dropped, pick up "Get My Name Right." You won't be disappointed!


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