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Kearney Country Showdown:

Featuring: Noe Palma, Travis Marvin, and State Line Drive

Sponsored by La Fuente Mexican Restaurants
7:00pm Saturday, August 3rd, 2019
Kearney Amphitheater

Price: $10.00 in advance / $15.00 at the Gate

“In many ways, this show is several years in the making. We’ve always wanted to do a show where we can really feature the talented country artists in the Kansas City area, without sticking them in front of a touring Nashville act. We’re very proud of this event, and we’re overjoyed that our friends get to perform for you the way you deserve to hear them!” - RHINO

Noe Palma

“A longtime friend and favorite of Kearney Amphitheater finally gets his much-deserved headlining show” - RHINO

It sure doesn't hurt having a name like Noe Palma. That's why his debut is titled "Get My Name Right." It is very different, unique, and memorable. That's exactly what fans have been saying about Noe's music for the past 15 years!

Growing up the Kansas City Metro Area, Noe started singing when he first heard Elvis Presley sing "All Shook Up." Raised in a very musically passionate family, he was engulfed by different thythms and sounds. Both his parents were talented singers and his father played guitar. Like many of his friends he was a member of his high school choir, but quickly realized that type of music didn't fit into his country soul.

At the beginning of his career Noe tested the waters with a few bands. He founded a very successful band called The Broken Cowboys and served as their lead singer. They toured Missouri and all surrounding states and played every major venue in the region where they developed a very healthy cult following. In fact in 2001 Broken Cowboys took second place at the Colgate Country Music Showdown Midwest Finals. They were quickly noticed by Tim McGraw's manager Scott Siman of RPM Management.

Noe has an unparalleled stage show. "I love it when I hear that my show was just as good or better than the headliner! It puts a smile on my face from ear to ear!"

Working with song writers such as Patrick Jason Matthews, Dallas Davidson, Ashley Gorley, and Bobby Pinson. Noe has created a great mix of Country and Southern Rock for his debut album. Guaranteed to leave you with your jaw dropped, pick up "Get My Name Right." You won't be disappointed!

Travis Marvin

“We’ve known Travis for several years, and we’ve yet to leave his show disappointed. He is the real deal!” - RHINO

Country music is just a natural part of life for some people. It's deeply woven into the tapestry of their favorite memories and serves as the soundtrack for their daily existence. For a select group of talented individuals, country music transcends personal pleasure and becomes a public platform, blossoming into a thriving career that adds to the genre's rich legacy. With the release of his new project, Travis Marvin makes that leap from longtime fan to burgeoning star.

"Country music is in my soul," Marvin says. "I grew up playing and was probably five or six-years-old when I started. As far back as I can remember, we would be playing music with my dad and my dad's side of the family. His father was a guitar player and singer so every Sunday we would get together over at my grandfather's house and play music. I was raised on country music. That was something we've done for many years and still do all the time."

Born in tiny Ottawa, Kansas and currently residing in Kansas City, the singer/songwriter grew up soaking in the sounds of Randy Travis, Garth Brooks and George Strait. "I remember buying Randy Travis' Storms of Life on cassette tape," he recalls with a smile. "Garth has been a huge influence on me because he's such an entertainer. He does a great job of singing to his fans, not at them. And I've also admired him on the business side. He's built a great infrastructure, and he knows how to run a business. These days, I'm really influenced by guys like Keith Urban and Eric Church, who are both great storytellers. That's my goal with my music. I want to tell great stories and entertain people."

State Line Drive

“I feel like we’ve watched this band grow up right before our very eyes. While they’re still relatively young in age, they have the sound of grizzled music veterans. This band can be whatever they want to be, and do it extremely well.” -RHINO

Micah Marrs has been singing with his twin brother Mason from the time they could talk. When he was 11 years old, his parents gave him his first guitar for Christmas. A few months later the Marrs brothers started playing for tips as street performers around Kansas City. Their street corner performances soon led to invitations to play at church services, charity events and parties. Before making the switch to country music, the Marrs brothers traveled across the country leading worship for youth ministry events. When not on the road with State Line Drive, they still enjoy leading worship for their church. Most of the time Micah has a guitar in hands, but he does sit down at the piano from time to time, especially when writing new music.

Mason Marrs and his brother argued about who would be the drummer when they first talked about starting a band. Mason won out, and started playing the drums when he was 11. While Mason spends the majority of his time behind the kit, or on the cajon, he also dabbles a bit with guitar, mandolin and keys. When they aren’t performing with State Line Drive, you will find the Marrs brothers running at a local park or working out in the gym. They also enjoy hanging out with friends at local restaurants or playing disk golf. When they aren’t playing country music, they are listening to it. They are true country music fans, drawing a lot of inspiration from artists like Rascal Flatts, Dan and Shay, Jason Aldean and Hunter Hayes.

Joel Mills and his younger brother Jordan have been around music all of their lives. They both started playing music when they were four years old. Their father ran a music studio, so they were always around great musicians who inspired them. The Mills and Marrs brothers first connected when Mason and Micah recorded their first project at that studio. Like the Marrs brothers, the Mills boys had also been playing in church and other venues up to that point. Once the four guys discovered the potential in the mix of their talents and the blend of their harmonies, State Line Drive was born. When Joel is on stage with State Line Drive, you’ll find him behind the keyboard or playing guitar. Joel continues to lead worship in church when he isn’t on the road with State Line Drive. Joel is the oldest member of the band. Joel appreciates a wide variety of musical styles ranging from folk, country, jazz, R & B and rock. He enjoys gospel music the most.

Jordan Mills started out playing piano, but soon switched to guitar. He plays lead guitar for State Line Drive, as well as banjo from time to time. When he isn’t on stage with State Line Drive, he usually still has a guitar in his hands. He is either practicing, doing session work in his dad’s studio or playing in the worship band at his church. Jordan is the youngest member of State Line Drive, and just graduated high school. He draws inspiration from a variety of musicians, including his friends, Dan Weller and Tyler Chiarelli, who play for Florida Georgia Line, as well as great guitarists like Stevie Ray Vaughen, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. He is also a big fan of John Mayer and the Steve Miller Band. When Jordan isn’t on the road with State Line Drive he enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Ryan L. Marcotte
Assistant Director, Parks & Recreation
The City of Kearney

100 E. Washington
P.O. Box 797
Kearney, Mo. 64060

816-903-4730 (office)
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Eric Marshall
Director, Parks & Recreation

Directions from Kansas City, Missouri:

  • Take I-35 N towards Des Moines
  • Take the MO-92 exit (6th street), EXIT 26, Turn Right onto MO-92
  • Follow MO-92 (6th Street) to Jefferson, Turn Left
  • Take Jefferson N through town to Jesse James Park (~ 2-3 miles)

Directions from St. Joseph, Missouri:

  • Take I-229 S to I-29 S
  • Continue to the MO-92 exit, EXIT 18, toward Smithville Lake (~25 Miles)
  • Turn Left onto MO-92, continue on until Jefferson St in Kearney (~23 Miles),
  • Turn Left
  • Take Jefferson N through town to Jesse James Park (~ 2-3 miles)
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Children 10 and under are free, unless otherwise noted

*Gates open 1 hour before each event

Blankets & Lawn Chairs are suggested.

Be courteous, kind, and helpful to your fellow festival goers.

Kearney Amphitheater Rules:
  1. No Tents (Pop-up or otherwise)
  2. No Outside Food/Drink or Coolers
  3. No Pets in Amphitheater Area
  4. No Fireworks at Any Time
  5. Non-Alcoholic Tailgating Only
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