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9th Annual Kearney Blues Fest
Featuring: Amanda Fish Band, Lauren Anderson,
Rev. Jimmie Bratcher, Nobody's Bidnis

5:00pm Saturday, May 28th, 2016
Kearney Amphitheater

Sponsored by Westbrook Care Center
Price: $15.00 at the Gate

Amanda Fish Band

Seasoned Kearney Amphitheater fans will instantly recognize the last name, as we have hosted Samantha Fish on many occasions. Did you know that Samantha Fish has an equally amazing older sister? Kearney Amphitheater proudly presents the Amanda Fish Band!

Amanda Fish Band formed in May 2014 in Kansas City and features hypnotic, slide-heavy guitar riffs and a 'from-the-gut' female vocal locked into a sturdy groove.

The group released their first LP, "Down In The Dirt", onVizzTone Label Group in May 2015, and they are currently touring and writing for their next record.

"There must be something in the water over in Kansas City." -donandsherylsbluesblog

"You'll feel her right in your soul." - Dr. Blues


Lauren Anderson
2015 Female Vocalist of the Year
Midwest Music Awards

This soulful, rockin' female, originally from Chicago, has had a passion for singing throughout her entire life. Growing up in a household that was rich in music, her influences were widely varied from artists such as Susan Tedeschi, Bonnie Raitt, The Pointer Sisters, Eva Cassidy, Etta James, Joss Stone, Jason Mraz, Black Eyed Peas, Christina Aguilera, and many more.

Despite these modern musical influences, Lauren was classically trained throughout most of her early life. She began classical piano lessons at the age of 8, was an active member of several choirs and began taking classical voice lessons when she began high school. She eventually took her love of singing to the Quad Cities and obtained a bachelors degree in music with an emphasis on voice at Augustana College. Initially she planned on becoming an opera singer, but quickly realized that pop and soul music were more in her wheelhouse. Having had a passion for psychology in addition to music, Lauren decided to continue onto The University of Kansas to complete her masters in music therapy. She now works on the pediatric unit and pediatric intensive care unit at The University of Kansas Hospital in KCMO, as well as at Gillis Center as a music therapist.

Lauren's band now consists of Adam Stuber, Dylan Reiter and Jeff Daniels. Lauren recently released her first, full-length CD titled, "Truly Me" in August 2015. This CD can be purchased on her 'merch' page, as well as on iTunes.


Rev. Jimmie Bratcher

In the driveway was a 1958 Desoto, in the house a twelve-year-old boy and a dad with a plan. "Will trade 1958 Desoto for electric guitar and amplifier" was how the ad read in the Kansas City Star newspaper. One call came and I went home with a beautiful white Gibson SG Jr. and a Gibson amplifier. That's where it all started and I still have both the guitar and amp to this day.

Years have passed since that day but the sound of that gift my Dad gave me still rocks and you can hear it on my new album Secretly Famous. I played that guitar on a couple of the songs and let me say "it is a rock & roll monster."

Secretly Famous is my seventh album but I really feel like it's my first. This album is different for me because I went further back into my roots than on any of my other albums. Back to a time before I became "The Rev." Back to that blues-rock root that I learned playing that old guitar.

Secretly Famous was recorded at Bessie Blue Studio in southern Tennessee. The studio is in a 100-year-old house and is owned by the legendary multi-Grammy award-winning producer Jim Gaines and his wife, blues artist Sandy Carroll. The vibe at Bessie Blue is like going to Grandma's house, complete with mauve curtains, pink flowered wallpaper and a huge Magnolia tree in the front yard. As soon you walk in the door you feel like you belong; making it easy to relax and get to work. Then add in producer Jim Gaines and look out - Jim is the go-to guy if you want to record electric guitar. Known for his work with Stevie Ray Vaughan, Carlos Santana, Steve Miller and a huge list of others. Needless to say working with Jim was a dream come true.


Nobody's Bidnis

Although he chose science education as his career path, David Miller has made a name for himself through a hobby he picked up as a preteen. "Some people hunt, and some people play golf," he said. "I play in a blues band." The physical science instructor at Kearney Junior High School first picked up a guitar at age 11, and now, more than three decades later, he is part of the blues and classic rock band Nobody's Bidnis and the Americana trio The Craftsmen, as well as a guitar instructor for about 15 mostly school-age strummers.

Nobody's Bidnis has been a featured band in Kearney's Blues Fest and the blues challenge at Knuckleheads Saloon in Kansas City. The Craftsmen provided a soundtrack to last year's debut of Kearney's downtown weekend farmers market. Miller said each venue has its own vibe, but his favorite place to play is "one with a lot of people." Playing for the transient farmers market crowd was a different experience than playing for a mostly stationary audience in a traditional concert setting.

"We know that it's a shifting crowd, but we're there to provide more of an atmosphere," Miller said.

He said the big stage and hometown crowd at Kearney Amphitheater in Jesse James Park made it a welcoming place for performers. "When they built it, they did it right," he said. "It's a great place to play."

When it comes time to choose a playlist, he prefers to play original songs. "Each song is different, so no, I don't have a favorite song," he said. "I just enjoy playing and making people happy." Miller's primary role is guitarist, but he sometimes steps up to the mic as a vocalist. "They let me sing once in a while," he said.

Nobody's Bidnis includes another Kearney-based musician, Jay Stryker, and three others from the metro area. Kearney residents Gary Staab and Ray Weikal round out The Craftsmen.

Special Thanks to the Kearney Courier for the Bio / Story on Nobody's Bidnis


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