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8th Annual Kearney Blues Fest
Featuring: Jonathon "Boogie" Long,
The Electric Rev. Jimmie Bratcher,
Lonnie Ray Blues Band and Blue 88

Sponsor: Westbrook Care Center
5:00pm Saturday, May 23rd, 2015
Kearney Amphitheater

Price: $20.00 at the Gate

Jonathon "Boogie" Long

From Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Jonathon Boogie Long was born with the blues coursing through his veins. Brought up in a Southern Baptist community, he first picked up the guitar at the age of six, teaching himself old gospel songs. Years later, a teenage Long found himself playing weekly gigs at blues clubs and events around town. At fourteen, he left school to lay down his roots touring with local legends Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor from 2003 to 2005.  Additionally, he has toured with Chris Duarte, Kenny Wayne and Tyree Neal on the Chitlin' Circuit. Boogie has shared the stage with standout musicians such as Dr. John, Rockin' Dopsie, Monte Montgomery, Ellis Hall, Kenny Neal, Larry Garner, Henry Gray, Lil Ray Neal, and Lou Marini of the Blues Brothers Band.


            In 2011, Boogie Long was crowned Guitar Center's "King of the Blues" from a field of over 4,000 contestants, in the competition for #1 Unsigned Blues Guitarist in America ( Soon after, Boogie was sought out to film 2013's "Boogie Blues Magic," an instructional three-DVD set on which he shares his original tricks for learning fundamental blues styles ( On another recent project, Boogie co-starred in the independent film, "We Be Kings," a fictional story about an elderly couple that owns a juke joint in the Mississippi Delta. 


            Boogie currently fronts his own blues/soul trio, The Blues Revolution. His soul- stomping vocals and monster guitar shredding, paired with bluesy songwriting chops make his powerhouse performances a "must see" on the upcoming 2013 tour season. In April 2013, Boogie was tapped by B.B. King to support his four week tour. Also, he was given a prime slot at the New Orleans Jazz Fest Blues Stage! Quickly ascending from Baton Rouge to the main stage, Boogie Long is on track with his lifetime goal of championing blues music and its roots. His debut record was released in April of 2013.


The Electric Rev. , Jimmie Bratcher

In the driveway was a 1958 Desoto, in the house a twelve-year-old boy and a dad with a plan. "Will trade 1958 Desoto for electric guitar and amplifier" was how the ad read in the Kansas City Star newspaper. One call came and I went home with a beautiful white Gibson SG Jr. and a Gibson amplifier. That's where it all started and I still have both the guitar and amp to this day.

Years have passed since that day but the sound of that gift my Dad gave me still rocks and you can hear it on my new album Secretly Famous. I played that guitar on a couple of the songs and let me say "it is a rock & roll monster."

Secretly Famous is my seventh album but I really feel like it's my first. This album is different for me because I went further back into my roots than on any of my other albums. Back to a time before I became "The Rev." Back to that blues-rock root that I learned playing that old guitar.

Secretly Famous was recorded at Bessie Blue Studio in southern Tennessee. The studio is in a 100-year-old house and is owned by the legendary multi-Grammy award-winning producer Jim Gaines and his wife, blues artist Sandy Carroll. The vibe at Bessie Blue is like going to Grandma's house, complete with mauve curtains, pink flowered wallpaper and a huge Magnolia tree in the front yard. As soon you walk in the door you feel like you belong; making it easy to relax and get to work. Then add in producer Jim Gaines and look out - Jim is the go-to guy if you want to record electric guitar. Known for his work with Stevie Ray Vaughan, Carlos Santana, Steve Miller and a huge list of others. Needless to say working with Jim was a dream come true.

Lonnie Ray Blues Band

You might not know Kansas City's legendary bluesman guitarist/vocalist Lonnie Ray Fugett but that's by design.  A conspiracy keeps you in the dark.  See, our little Cowtown holds musical secrets and selfishly hides its best local talent for only those in the know.  This story breaks a long held code of silence no one has mentioned before.  For the past 25 years, the Lonnie Ray Band has help shape the Kansas City blues scene into what it is today.

Their playing and musical styles simply refused to become old and tiresome.

Lonnie began a musical career with his first paying gig in Rulo, Nebraska in the 1970's. It was a brother and sister act playing various R&B songs.  Afterward, he traveled out to California to hone his skills on the road.  Seeing opportunity out west with both music and education, Lonnie and Debbie moved to Stockton, California and attended the University of the Pacific.  Other travels after college included an extensive tour of the southern U.S. and a top tier circuit of the U.S. and Canada.

Yet the road life isn't so grand, especially when you wake up in a hotel room one day and aren't sure what city you're in. Enough was enough.  They had spent many years perfecting their chops yet decided Lawrence was where they wanted to finally settle and live.

Turns out Kansas City was thankful to welcome them back home.

Over the years, the Lonnie Ray Blues band has been voted the Best Blues Band in town. Lonnie has received the Best Guitarist award as well.  But what matters most for Lonnie and Debbie is their love for music and the Kansas City region.  As the Lonnie Ray Jam session enters its 25th year of existence, the band continues to amaze.  It isn't about themselves or their ego.  Their consistent generosity has helped countless seasoned and novice local musicians stretch their wings and fly.

Blue 88

Blue 88 Band is a Kansas City based band with a history spanning well over twenty years both in the regional midwest and nationally. Deeply rooted in the blues, we use a twin lead guitar sound and solid rhythm section to navigate through blues, rock and jazz influences that can be heard on our four self produced, all original cd recordings. Look for new original recordings coming up early next year and check our schedule for upcoming midwest and Fla. Shows.

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